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Larry Hausner Steps Down as ADA Head this Week

Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in JDCA Goals | 2 comments

If you didn’t hear, last week the JDRF announced that Jeffrey Brewer would be stepping down as the CEO of the JDRF to be replaced by Derek Rapp, the previous vice chair of the International Board of Directors. While that news stole last week’s spotlight, this week also marks the last for Larry Hausner, head of the ADA. This had been...

Cure News: Week 7/24

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Cure News | 2 comments

  Hey Everyone, Only a little bit of cure news this week: 1. Although we already reported on it this week, Viacyte is officially heading to clinical trials. For those of you who don’t remember the project, Viacyte is a small, band-aid sized encapsulation pouch that would get implanted into your side with healthy beta cells. While not...

Jeffrey Brewer Steps Down as JDRF CEO

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Cure News, JDCA Goals | 4 comments

We were all surprised to learn today that Jeffrey Brewer has left his position as the CEO of the JDRF. The news gained some traction in social media over the weekend and was confirmed by a JDRF press release distributed this morning. At this point, the reasons for the leadership change are unclear. We spoke with several people at the JDRF who all...

Cure News: Week 7/17

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Cure News | 0 comments

  Hey Everyone, Two new tidbits for you: 1. Joshua Levy reports on the a few more of the abstracts he received at the ADA Scientific Conference. Both of these projects involve immunology, and both highlight the inherent problems with honeymoon tests when there is no real “standard” for what constitutes a honeymoon in the...

JDRF Re-brands “Walk to Cure” Events

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Cure News | 9 comments

  This past week the JDRF unveiled to a change to the title of their fundraising walks. The programs were previously called¬† “Walk to Cure Diabetes”, and they are now being called the JDRF “One Walk”. Obviously, as an organization that’s focused on a cure, removing cure language always causes us to pause and pay...

Cure News: Week 7/10

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Cure News | 3 comments

  Hey Everyone, Two new tidbits for you: 1. Joshua Levy takes a deeper dive on several Artificial Pancreas projects, comparing and contrasting the progress made between them. 2. There’s been a lot of talk of re-programming liver cells to produce insulin, and this week Orgenesis signed an agreement with¬†MaSTherCell in order to scale up...

FLASH REPORT: A Re-Cap of the ADA Scientific Conference

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in JDCA Goals | 0 comments

Hey Everyone, This past Thursday we released our latest Flash Report on the “2014 ADA Conference“. In it, JDCA fellow Joshua Levy (who attended the conference) gives his overview of events and his opinions on how any of them related to possible Practical Cure progress. It’s a short report that’s packed with things that you...

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