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Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Cure News | 3 comments

Cure News: Week 7/10



Hey Everyone,

Two new tidbits for you:

1. Joshua Levy takes a deeper dive on several Artificial Pancreas projects, comparing and contrasting the progress made between them.

2. There’s been a lot of talk of re-programming liver cells to produce insulin, and this week Orgenesis signed an agreement with MaSTherCell in order to scale up liver cell production for phase 2 clinical trials. This is a good sign for how promising this path may be if a larger company is willing to help with production. Stayed tuned.


Until Next Time


Thoughts? Comments?  Think we missed something? Please list any comments below!

(Special Thanks to Brian Braxton This Week)


  1. The JDCA is going against its own mission be continuously reporting on the AP as cure news. It does not meet one of your OWN criteria. Allowing a person to sleep worry free. Infusion sites can fall out and etc and the AP WILL fail and when it does if a person does not have supplies on hand they will be in trouble. Also I will say this until people stop considering it a cure. Will anyone with diabetes or trust a love one to go on an extended vacation with just the AP. No, the person will still have to take insulin and etc. It is only a treatment options. A cure means a person can move about freely with out worrying about it any not having to worry about vacation and saying oh I need to pack my insulin and other supplies just in case the AP FAILS.

    • I completely agree with Brian.We must’t worry about insulin, supplies. I want to forget to get anxious about my little son’s diabetes when he is at school or out.Artificial pancreas is only a good treatment. But we want a real cure

  2. I agree with Brian & Daisy as well. I’m not sure who to be more disappointed with, the JDCA for including the AP as a topic of discussion given their “Practical Cure” directive, or Josh Levy for reporting on it given his position on only covering “cures or preventatives”. As Daisy notes, an AP is simply another treatment option, not a cure. It may be an improved method of treatment, but it’s definitely not a cure. Who wants to spend time on a beach, or at a pool, or playing a pick-up basketball game with a bunch of gadgets clinging to your side? Who wants to depend on an evasive, external mechanical device, which by design cannot last forever, to artificially provide a life dependent hormone. Who wants to draw attention to themselves at the airport by triggering the metal detector & then have to disrobe in front of the security officer to explain that the electro-mechanical device secretly hidden under their clothing is actually for a medical condition & isn’t really a bomb. It’s a glorified pen injection or pump run by a computer & some code. Nothing more, nothing less. You guys are getting hung up in the technology, gizmo-crazed society we all live in & have lost sight of your own objectives. Get passed this & focus on your practical, biological cures.

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